Whether you’re a pro with Hair extensions or you are just starting out, we have hand-picked the three methods we feel are the best on the market. As a Beauty Works VIP salon, we pride ourselves on giving you not only the best quality service but also the best quality hair. With a variation of methods, lengths and colours there is no limit to what we can create with extensions.


Hey babe, if its tapes your thinking about don’t worry! They’re not as scary as they sound.The key to tapes is MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE! The Beauty Works tape range is lightweight and discrete, which means you are able to put your hair up without the feeling of it being bulky and uncomfortable. These perfect little sandwiches give us the ability to mix colours to the perfect blend, also giving you volume and length.

Perfect for fine, damaged hair

Not suitable for thick bobs, you might need to add a weave hunni

As you can see they’re super
discrete and fit perfectly flat to
the head.


1-3 packs required
Prices from £215.00 - £800.00

Maintenance is required every 4-6 weeks depending on hair growth. As you can see in this small clip they are easily removed and does not damage your natural hair. Tape in extensions must only be maintained and removed by professionals. We're not gonna lie… it’s a sticky job, but at the end of the day it’s worth it!


If its maximum volume you are after, then weave is your answer. As we only use Beauty Works Golden Double Weft it allows us to create those jaw dropping transformations. Not only does it give you maximum volume, it can also help build up short thick bobs and challenging hair


Maximum volume and length

Suitable for most hair types

Low maintenance

We normally apply 2-4 rows
across the head using silicone
lined beads. The double weft
will be sewn onto the beads
for maximum security. Pssst..
guess what? You can still put
your hair up with this method
and that stands with all our


1-2 packs required
Prices from £325.00 -£800.00

Maintenance is required every
6-8 weeks, any longer than
this can cause damage.


There is no better feeling than
getting your weave tightened!

ooo nano's

Lets paint the picture, think of pea sized, and then think of pea sized to a pea. Put it this way girls, there like a grain of sand… but not really like a grain of sand, just a bit bigger! AAANYYYWAYYY… they are perfectly discrete. Nanos are designed for those needing a little extra help filling in the gaps and perfect for a more natural look.

 Perfect for a more natural look

 Suitable for volume
 Suitable for mid length to long hair

The beauty works nano rings
are applied using ‘pea sized’
beads. The silicone tip
protects the scalp for maximum

1-2 packs required
Prices from £325.00 -£800.00

The maintenance on these
bad boys is every 4-6 weeks,
depending on the growth of
your hair. as we have to
delicately remove each bead
and reapply, this process can
often take the longest.


But don’t worry girls, you
definitely won’t be bored!